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Miercuri, 13 August 2014 11:00

The BMM in the title of this article stands for a "Business Models for the Masses". The main idea of the article is to change the paradigm of the business process formalization and management to a more "open-source" approach.

Employees as well as entrepreneurs both in non-commercial and commercial organizations face the need of continuously adapting to a competitive business environment. New business model methodologies, business process analysis and engineering approaches and entire new business paradigms appear each year. As a result the need has arisen for electronic business processes libraries (or business know-how repositories) that will allow users from various environments to understand and adopt new process methodologies. From the most simple things such as the process of invoicing or simple procurement to the most complex ones such as drafting a start-up business plan or analyzing the operational and financial feasibility of a new project all these templates, plans, processes and methodologies should be obtainable in from centralized, self-evolving and cloud-enabled electronic services.

As the main results of the "Business Models for the Masses" approach we can enumerate both cost reduction and increase in competitive advantages. Reduction of training costs and accommodation costs for new employees in a organization by allowing them to access online business process assistant tools (and thus enabling them to be productive from the first moments within the organization). Wolrd of Plenty This particular value proposition addresses all kinds of commercial and non commercial organizations such as governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises, large companies, etc. Strengthening the competitive advantages of Small and Medium Enterprises by empowering them with a powerful tool that gives them instant access to predefined business models diagrams, well defined and tested business procedures as well as access to a community of business process management contributors.

Nevertheless probably the most important benefit that comes with the adoption of "Business Models for the Masses" is he possibility of actually helping in the creation of a world of Plenty !

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